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Exhaust Repair & Service in Allston, MA

At Ming’s Auto Repair in Allston, MA, we are your source for professional exhaust repair and service for your Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, MINI, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, Porsche, or Subaru vehicle. A damaged exhaust can lead to many different issues with your vehicle, including a drop in overall performance, a decrease in fuel efficiency, and can lead to more engine trouble. Our qualified technicians can help identify your exhaust problem, provide you with a repair solution, and get you back on the road in no time.

Importance of Your Exhaust System

The job of the exhaust system is to ensure that harmful emissions from the engine are controlled, converted, and then released from your vehicle. If toxic fumes were to build up within your car, it could quickly damage the engine and be dangerous for you and your passengers. Plus, the catalytic converter within this system helps to change those harmful emissions into less harmful ones, making your vehicle less damaging to the environment overall. A problem with your vehicle’s exhaust system should not be ignored and needs to be taken care of quickly by an exhaust repair shop to protect your engine’s health. 

7 Signs to Get Your Exhaust System Checked

  1. You notice a decrease in fuel efficiency
  2. You hear rattling noises coming from underneath your car
  3. Reduced engine performance
  4. Your car fails an emissions test
  5. You notice a burning or gas smell
  6. The exhaust pipe is hanging or dragging
  7. The check engine light has turned on

Schedule Exhaust Service

These are some of the warning signs that can be an indication of an exhaust system problem. As soon as you recognize any of these symptoms, we invite you into Ming’s Auto Repair for a thorough inspection. Rest assured, any repairs performed on your vehicle will be done adhering to the highest standards in the industry using top-quality parts, products, and state-of-the-art equipment. Plus, most of our repairs are covered by our in-house 36 month/36,000-mile warranty and most third-party warranties are also accepted.

When you need exhaust service in Allston, MA, bring your car to the experts in the area here at Ming’s Auto Repair. Give us a call with any questions or schedule your visit with us online today!

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