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5 Reasons Why Oil Changes Are the Most Important Car Service


The engine is the heart of your car, and to keep it alive, you must get routine oil changes. Engines are made up of many moving parts, and they need a layer or coating of protection to prevent them from damaging each other. Motor oil services this vital function. Over time, the oil in your engine breaks down, darkens, and becomes contaminated with dust, dirt, and debris. 


To keep the heart of your vehicle beating, you must cycle out the old oil with new and clean motor oil. When you are on top of your oil changes and filter changes, you are doing your best to prevent costly repairs down the line. Here are 5 reasons why oil changes are the most important car service”

  • Keeps engine parts lubricated. The engine consists of pistons, valves, and many other components that move at high speeds and work under extreme pressure. They need a layer of oil or grease to keep themselves from bumping against each other and to run seamlessly.
  • Cools engine components. As mentioned earlier, the engine works at high pressure. When friction increases due to a lack of lubrication, the heat inside the engine will also increase. Therefore, you should maintain a clean and clear level of oil to minimize friction and overheating.
  • Gets rid of harmful particles and sludge. Contaminants that are smaller than imaginable can do a number on your engine’s operation. Over time, the lingering dirt and debris in the oil can lead to corrosion and wear down your engine components quicker. Therefore, oil changes are a brilliant way to cleanse the system and extend the life of the engine. 
  • Improve vehicle efficiency. When your engine has poor lubrication, it has to work harder to get the job done. In some cases, you may notice an increase in your vehicle’s fuel consumption. While you may not notice outstanding or noticeable differences immediately, it leads to savings of hundreds of dollars over the life of the car!
  • Extend the life of engine parts. If you want your vehicle to last a long time, make it count with oil changes. Cars that receive less maintenance and poor lubrication won’t last as long as vehicles that have undergone proper maintenance. 

Oil changes don’t have to be a hassle when you choose Ming’s Auto Repair for the job. Our experienced technicians can get your car the right oil and oil filter it needs to last you a long time. For all your maintenance needs, please call or visit the experts at Ming’s Auto Repair today!

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