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Common FAQs About Check Engine Lights

Question #1 - Is It Safe To Drive With My Check Engine Light On?

In a few circumstances, a Check Engine light could represent something as minor as a loose gas cap or other problems that don't affect vehicle performance. It's impossible to be 100% unless you get your car diagnosed by a professional. Because of the check engine light's complexities, it is recommended that you limit your driving until the cause of the check engine light has been established. If this yellow warning light comes on your dash, please bring your vehicle to Ming's Auto Repair as soon as possible!

Question #2 - Why Is My Check Engine Light Flashing?

A flashing check engine light is different than a still check engine light. A blinking warning light may indicate engine problems that are far more severe and could shut down your engine entirely. If your check engine light is flashing, we highly urge you to refrain from driving the vehicle at all. You should call for a tow if you believe the condition of your car is compromised. If you continue to push your engine, you will experience irreversible damage and costly repairs.

Question #3 - How Do I Turn Off My Check Engine Light?

A check engine light that is still residing on your dash indicates an active problem, such as a failing sensor, a misfire, aging spark plugs, or other issues affecting the engine. You can not remove it by simply erasing the code. Even erasing if you successfully erase the code, it may be inclined to turn on again from another engine problem. The best way to remove the annoying sight of the check engine light is to repair the problem.  


If your check engine light just came on, please hurry to address and fix the problem as soon as possible. At Ming's Auto Repair, we have the best-qualified technicians who have expertise in repairing check engine light difficulties. We invite you to call us at (617) 600-6076 or visit our shop in Allston, MA, today!

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