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History of the Car Heater

We're all accustomed to turning on our car heaters during this time of year in Allston, MA, but can you imagine the days when vehicles didn't have it? The car heater is still regarded as one of the most famous experimental inventions considered most valuable today. In this blog, we will go over the brief history of car heaters and how it has been modernized throughout the years.


Car heater technology came about as early as 1838! A woman invented it by the name of Margaret A. Wilcox. She was born in 1838 in Chicago, and it wasn't until 1893 that she patented the car heater. Wilcox figured that she could make use of the engine's hot air by warming up the cabin - it was genius! Her car heating system was designed to direct the engine's warm air over to the cabin for warming the bodies of the wealthy of the 19th century. Many accepted her invention until it became somewhat of a safety hazard as people could not control the temperature. 


Developments Car Heater Tech Since Then

With the increase in technology, in 1907, the industry saw cars equipped with windshields and glass windows. It helped shield people from the sun, snow, and rain. During this time, passengers still used the method of bundling up and bringing portable heating systems (gas lamps and lanterns) to stay comfortable. Big car companies recognized the dangers of depending on those portable heating systems, so they thought exhaust fumes could be used as an alternative. 


Several ideas sprung about in the early 1900s, including a gas-powered heater; however, they soon became obsolete due to a new design that depended on redirecting coolant from the engine and using that for heat. It wasn't until the 1930s when GM created what we know as the heater core. This vital component uses a radiator that gets hot coolant from the engine and propels heat into the compartment using a fan. It wasn't until the creation of the heater core and the technology for a temperature control system that gave us the perfect, ideal temperature inside our cars.


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