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How Often Should You Replace Your Water Pump

The water pump is one of the vehicle components that may never require replacement if your vehicle is well-taken care of. You can own a car for over 15 years and never have to replace the water pump. That's not to say that it can't develop a problem. That's why the car comes with a scheduled maintenance routine for every car component to ensure that it is always in pristine condition to function at maximum performance.

So, when should you replace the water pump?

At What Interval Should You Replace a Car Water Pump?

As mentioned earlier, a vehicle's water pump is usually built to last, perhaps because it is located deep under the hood. Still, it is prone to wear and tear. Because it is not easily seen doesn't mean it should be out of mind. Typically, the recommended interval for replacing the water pump is every 60,000 to 100,000 miles, depending on various factors, such as the car model, road and weather conditions, and driving behavior. Therefore, if you plan to invest in a used car, ensure you verify whether the seller replaced the water pump. Adhering to this maintenance service can significantly prolong your car's lifespan.

Signs and Symptoms that You Need to Replace Your Car's Water Pump

Before your engine overheats or you deal with complicated performance issues, your car will deliver signs that you need to replace the water pump, and knowing them can prove valuable in the long term.

These signs include:

  • Coolant Leaks
  • High-Pitched Noises from Under the Hood
  • Engine Overheating
  • Rust Buildup in The Water Pump
  • Steam Coming from The Radiator

Save Money on Your Next Water Pump Replacement

Replacing the water pump is a labor-intensive undertaking because the pump lies deep under the hood, and repairs might be costly. Since the pump is powered by the timing belt, which is closely located to it, it would be best to have the timing belt also replaced at the same time. That saves you the cash as it alleviates the need to repair the belt separately.

Are you in need of water pump replacement solutions? Bring your automobile to our vehicle maintenance and repair shop today, and we'll provide quality services and affordable prices.

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