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How to Prepare Your Vehicle for the Winter

You can tell that winter is coming when the temperature begins to fall. Even though the winter months bring with them freezing temperatures, ice, snow, and mud, that doesn't mean your automobile should sit in the garage until the spring to thaw. To help you get your car ready for the frigid winter, here are some helpful recommendations.


1. Get Your Tires Checked

You'll notice that the air pressure in your tires drops as the temperature drops. According to Car Talk, tires lose pressure at a rate of one pound every 10 degrees Fahrenheit. It's critical to maintain your tires properly filled to avoid severely affecting your car's handling.


If you live in a region where the winters are exceptionally harsh, Car Talk suggests that you consider purchasing a pair of snow tires.


2. Check Your Vehicle's Exterior

Make sure your car's headlights are operating properly by checking the exterior of the vehicle. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends that you inspect your windshield wipers as well. It's critical to replace old or dried-out wiper blades on a regular basis, particularly if a snowfall is on your way, in order to retain visibility.

If you live in a climate where the doors of your vehicle may freeze, you may use cooking spray to keep them from doing so. If you have to leave your vehicle outside for a long period of time, a storm is on the way, or the weather routinely drops below freezing in your location, this may be a useful tool.


3. Create an Emergency Kit for the Winter Months

Make sure your vehicle has a winter emergency kit, or add goods that might be useful in cold or snowy conditions, in addition to the emergency road kit. You may want to add a shovel, gloves, boots, an ice scraper, and sand or cat litter in your winter gear (for traction on slippery roads).


Driving in the winter may be dangerous because of the weather and because the cold can damage your car. It is possible to prepare yourself and your car for the winter months with basic preparation and preventative maintenance.


If you need a winter vehicle inspection, we urge you to bring your vehicle to Ming's Auto Repair in Allston, MA, shop for professional service!

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