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How To Refill Your Windshield Wiper Fluid

When you've got dirt, grime, or bugs splattered on your windshield, nothing's more annoying than initiating the windshield washer sprayer and realizing you're completely out. Fortunately, replacing windshield washer fluid is as simple as pumping gasoline. We're here to lay out the steps and go over the basics of windscreen wiper fluid. Did you know that not all windshield wiper fluids are the same? There are various types on the market, and we'll go over those as well. 


How To Replace Windshield Washer Fluid

Unlike engine oil and other fluids in your car, windshield washer fluid doesn't break down easily. Therefore, there's no specified method for replacing windshield washer fluid. All you do is put more in the reservoir whenever you run low using the following steps:

  1. Pop your vehicle's hood open.
  2. Find the windshield washer reservoir cap and open it. It is usually a screw-on or press-on top with an image of water spraying on a windscreen.
  3. Pour the windshield washer fluid into the tank until it reaches the "full" or "max" mark.
  4. Press the windshield washer reservoir cap down until it clicks into place, or screw the lid back on.
  5. Close your hood.


Easy-peasy right? It gets easier! Many modern automobiles now include warning lights or messages that alert you when the solution is running low. If your car doesn't have this technology in place, you must be more cautious of your fluid levels. It's never a bad habit to check all your fluids regularly.


Another important note is to stop trying to activate the windshield washer fluid when it's empty. If there's no fluid in the reservoir, the pump may overheat and fail, resulting in a need for repair. 


Different Types of Windshield Wiper Fluid

There are numerous kinds of windshield wiper fluid today. Of course, there is the standard, but there is also bug remover windshield washer fluid, de-icer windshield washer fluid, water-beading windshield washer fluid, and all-season windshield washer fluid. All of these have additive properties to meet different environmental needs.


Windshield wiper fluid should always be topped off whenever it is low. Wiper fluid is imperative to your visibility when on the road! If you require any assistance in refilling your essential fluids, do not hesitate to give us a call or visit Ming's Auto Repair.

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