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Signs That Indicate a Faulty Vehicle Thermostat

The thermostat plays a pivotal role in the cooling system process. As you may guess, the thermostat monitors engine temperature and ensures it is at an optimal temperature – not too hot and not too cold. When the engine temperature falls out of range, it closes and opens to facilitate coolant flow. If the thermostat is faulty or stays stuck in a closed or open position, it can lead to an array of problems:

  • Engine Overheating - If your engine is running too hot, you should have the thermostat inspected. When the thermostat stays closed, it will prevent coolant from flowing through the motor. And coolant is necessary to cool down the engine temperature. You may notice other signs of overheating: smoke, high-temperature gauge, and coolant warning message. You will need to pull over as soon as you notice an overheating engine. 
  • Cold Air Blowing Instead of Heat - When the thermostat is stuck open, there is too much coolant going into the engine. As a result, the engine won’t heat up enough to supply the cabin with heat. Your heating functions will not work properly, and you may notice the temperature gauge stays low. 
  • Dashboard Warning Light Comes On - Most of the time, your car won’t leave you in the dark about these types of problems. If your engine runs too hot or cold, a coolant temperature warning light will come on. It may be red or blue, depending on the state of the engine. The check engine light may also appear.

As with most cooling system troubles, you should leave it to the professionals at Ming’s Auto Repair. We can assess the problem, pinpoint it, and repair or replace any cooling system components that are necessary. Please do not wait to have your vehicle repaired as a broken thermostat can affect your vehicle’s driveability and handling. 

If you need your thermostat replaced, please call or visit the local experts at Ming’s Auto Repair today

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