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What Fluids Need to Be Changed In My Car?

Your car operates on numerous fluids for different compartments, each serving an important purpose. However, there are certain fluids that are extremely vital to your car's functioning. These fluids need regular monitoring and changing.

Brake fluid

The hydraulics in your car's braking system depend on brake fluid to function properly. Maintaining proper brake fluid levels is crucial to prevent poor braking capability caused by low brake fluid. The rear of the engine compartment is often where the braking fluid reservoir is located. A half-inch or less should separate the brake liquid level from the cap.
If you need to replace your brake fluid, refer to your owner's manual to find the right kind. Add liquid until it is just half an inch away from the cap. Additionally, you ought to examine the general caliber of your braking fluid. It could be time to have it replaced if the color is dark and impenetrable. Once every two years or every 30,000 kilometers.

Power steering fluid

Make sure your power steering fluid is at the required depth if you appreciate effortless, smooth handling. However, it rarely drops so low, so if you observe a significant drop, there might be a deeper problem. Despite the fact that it's critical to monitor the power steering fluid level, you might never have to drain it, just refill it off as needed.

Transmission fluid

No matter if your transmission is manual or automatic, it includes fluid that necessitates a change periodically. With a manual gearbox, this fluid greases the gears and synchros, and in an automatic transmission, it performs the same function for the clutch packs and gears. Transmission fluid doesn't need to be changed as frequently as oil, but it's vital to remember that ignoring it can soon result in transmission malfunction, which is a pricey repair almost equal to replacing an engine. Most manufacturers advise changing the transmission fluid every 25 to 40,000 miles.

Fluids Services at Ming's Auto Repair

You also need to observe your engine oil, coolant, and windshield fluid among others. In case you need a fluid service performed, Ming's Auto Repair should be your first stop.

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