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Why Cooling System Maintenance Is Important

While vehicle maintenance is all-around super crucial in keeping your car safe and reliable, one particular system requires special attention: the cooling system. The cooling system serves to maintain and keep your engine temperatures at bay. If it is compromised, you risk overheating your engine, leading to the inconvenience of a breakdown and repairs. Thankfully, you can avoid this with quality cooling system maintenance.


How the Cooling System Works

As you may know, the engine operates and produces a lot of heat. Fortunately, the cooling system helps prevent it from overheating by providing it with a constant stream of coolant fluid. The liquid antifreeze mixture (coolant) draws the heat away from the engine and the radiator. 


How Overheating Happens

Your vehicle's engine can overheat for many reasons. Poor habits like constantly getting stuck in traffic and idling for too long increase the likelihood of engine overheating. Hot summer weather can also increase your chances. 

  • Damaged water pump: A vehicle with a faulty water pump can lead to engine overheating because it is the component responsible for pushing the fluid.
  • Coolant leak: While your coolant can leak from various areas, any deficiency in the coolant flow can put your vehicle at risk of overheating.
  • Thermostat failure: Your thermostat is the valve that opens and closes to let coolant flow in and out of the engine. When this breaks, your car will be more inclined to overheat.
  • Rusty or cracked radiator: The radiator is where most of the coolant can be found. A damaged or rusty radiator will likely cause leaks, hence overheating.

Getting regular inspections and taking preventative measures, such as monitoring your coolant levels or turning off the A/C when you notice overheating, can positively impact your cooling system.  

If you need cooling system maintenance or repairs, the technicians at Ming's Auto Repair, Inc. got your back. We welcome you to bring your vehicle to our Allston auto repair shop today!

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